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It’s me Krista Tressa, the face behind CaringMessenger Copywriting.  I'm a Christ-follower and an inspirational extrovert.  A people person at heart.

What do I do when Im not writing copy?


 Im mothering, adventuring, speaking, encouraging, teaching, cooking, or eating. A hands-down foodie for sure!  Whether you find me in a classroom, at church, working out while listening to podcasts, or shopping the aisles of Aldi...Im the same caring messenger.

Krista Tressa smiling head shot

When you work with me, you can expect a positive experience every time.

I invested in the details while caring for patients as a pharmacist.  As your copywriter, I put that same attentiveness into writing influential messages that elevate your business reputation and profits.  The details can pay out in a big way and add value to your brand and business.


 I invite you into a professional business partnership in which I will write your copy with excellence.  I chose my business name CaringMessenger Copywriting with a purpose in mind; to convey others' business messages to their audience with clarity, heart, and soul.

"Krista, you have the gift of seeing things through an eternal lens. " Lindsay Walker, Faith Led Working Moms

Here are additional benefits of working with me:

  • I help build trust and professionalism

  • I help increase profits

  • I lower your stress

  • I free up your time


Here are services I provide:

  • Website copy

  • Emails

  • SM posts and ads

  • Direct Mail 

  • Content (blogs, newsletters, articles etc.)

  • Video/Audio scripts

  • Digital Flyers

  • Tone Guides

  • Copy Audits

  • Copy marketing strategy coaching calls


Ready to get the convo started?

Click the button below to get in touch and learn more about me and my services.

I look forward to serving you!

Get to know me better.   Subscribe to the bimonthly CaringMessenger Newsletter and receive a downloadable gift- A Christian entrepreneur's guide to live and lead- The Jesus Way!

I look forward to creating community and building relationships through the newsletter!

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