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Social Media Content Project

Project type

Social Media Content


August 2023


Easley, SC

Background: Easley Tennis Club is the home of the Marion Harris Tennis Center. It is a private tennis club that celebrated 50 years in 2023. Some of the original members have enjoyed sharing the love of the game with multi-generational family members.
Challenge: Create buzz and excitement about the 50th Anniversary celebration of the club and market the event, as well as engage existing members and attract new members.
Solution: I researched and interviewed club members and studied the target audience (tennis players of all ages and skill levels). I created content posts, reels, and digital flyers for the club's social media platforms- Instagram and FaceBook by using the brand voice and tone. I looked at the sm analytics and used that to tailor my content- from the data (ie. likes, shares, engagement). This project allowed for a very successful 50th Anniversary celebration, with over 75 guests and members participating in the festivities, and the club continues to grow in visibility in the Easley, SC community. I continue to write content for the club’s social media platforms, schedule posts, and coach the club’s board members on marketing strategies to help increase membership numbers and profits.

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