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Norwex neighborhood booth sale

Project type

Digital Flyer




Easley, SC

Background: My client requested a digital flyer to be created that she could post to FB as well as print in order to advertise her Norwex neighborhood booth sale. She wanted engaging copy as well as eye-popping graphic design.

Challenge: Creating digital flyer copy and collaborating with my graphic design partner Shirley. I stated my client’s sale event message in her business tone to her target audience using images and design aspects that were in tune with her themed event.

Solution: I chose a caring heart themed flyer template, images ,and keywords that depicted the requested tone- all proceeds of the sale event were going towards a child with medical needs. The heading, subheading, and body copy targeted the client’s audience, tone, and brand. The deep benefits to the consumer were fashioned in a way to promote action- to attend sale or purchase online. I created a barcode scan for an easy shopping experience.

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