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Shift, Inc. Tone Guide

Project type

Tone guide

Background: Shift, Inc. is a Christ-centered coaching, leadership development, and inspirational speaking business hub. They have been in business since 2008 and have rebranded once.
Challenge: To create a brand tone guide for their new logo and brand so that their copy messaging can be clear and consistent across all messaging platforms.
Solution: I had a Discovery and Kick-off call with my client and we had conversations that dove deep into what the core mission and values of Shift, Inc are. I researched and used interviews and copy that pertained to the Shift, Inc. brand. I looked for SEO keywords that resonated with the brand and the target audience. I then created a tone guide that can be used my any creative and professional that is hired by Shift, Inc. to build brand recognition and trust, and bring clarity of messaging across all marketing platforms.

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