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Non-Profit About Page and Pop-Up

Project type

SPEC About Page and Pop-Up

Background: Non-profit animal shelter ( Kensington Cat and Dog Home) has been serving animals for over a century by providing medical treatment, rehabilitation, foster care, and re-homing options. They are funded and operated by donations and volunteers.

Challenge: The organization has relaunched their website and wishes to increase the number of monthly online donations by 5% and increase the number of subscribers on their email list.

Solution: I created an About Page using a tone that was caring, empathetic, and supportive. I wanted to target their audience. I used a emotionally-triggering headline hook, subheading, body copy, and buttons with calls to action. I also created a pop-up to help capture subscribers’ details. I chose words such as pawsitively to add a little dash of fun and pizazz to the web copy;)

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